Frequently Asked Questions
What does Doge Free Mining do?
The company Doge Free Mining is involved in the work on cryptocurrency market, it is engaged in mining and trading in Dogecoin, and provides asset management services.
Is Doge Free Mining a legitimate company?
Doge Free Mining is registered in 2019 in the register of the companies, Companies House royal registrar. You can find all necessary registration documents on our website. To check the company, proceed via the following link:
Can I meet with the company’s personnel in your office?
Of course. The office of Doge Free Mining is open to visitors during standard business hours, Monday through Friday at Flat 3, 45 Earl's Court Square, London, United Kingdom, SW5 9BY.
How long-term is the company’s work plan?
Taking into account the prospects of cryptocurrency development, Doge Free Mining is planning activities for the next few years.
Do I need to worry about my investments?
No, as experience shows, the company’s financial activity is risk-free, we can easily override any trading losses due to the Cryptocurrency mining process.
Who can be a client of Doge Free Mining?
Doge Free Mining is an international business, which means that anyone who has attained the age of majority may become a customer, regardless of place of residence.
What do I need to become an investor of Doge Free Mining?
To get started, you only need to register an account and to make a deposit of at least $1.
How many accounts can I register?
Despite the fact that the company is sufficiently loyal to the user’s request to register multiple accounts, we strongly recommend not to use partnership links for that.
What type of profit does Doge Free Mining offer?
Doge Free Mining offers stable profit charging every 60 minutes, the amount of profit depends on the size of the deposit, ranging from 0.5% to 1.04% per hour on an ongoing basis.
How can I make a deposit?
Log into your account and click the button “DEPOSIT”. In the window that opens, enter the deposit amount, which is equal to or larger than 1 USD. Depending on the amount you entered, the system will automatically detect the selected plan. Click the button “DEPOSIT” at the bottom of the page to get a unique address where you will have to send the deposit amount. Please note that you have to make a payment from your crypto wallet.
What amount can I send for the deposit?
You can invest any amount more than 0.01 USD.
How many deposits can I have simultaneously?
You may have several deposits simultaneously, this number is not limited.
How fast is the deposit credited?
Once you have sent the payment, you’ll need to wait for a little while. All payments require system confirmations for the full processing. Usually it takes up to 1 - 12 hours, after which the deposit will be credited and visible in the “Deposits list” section.
How often is the profit accrued?
Your profit is accrued every 60 minutes from the moment of deposit creation. If you have two or more deposits, the profit will be accrued several times per hour.
Do I understand correctly that the profit is accrued every hour?
Yes, the profit is accrued every 60 minutes.
Are there accruals on weekends?
Yes, profits are also accrued every hour on Saturdays and Sundays.
When can I withdraw profits?
Once your balance is equal to or more than 0.01$, you can make a request for withdrawal of profits in the “Withdraw funds” section. Before you make a claim, make sure that your payment address in the account settings is correct. Your request for profit withdrawal will be processed automatically within 1 - 12 hours. The data of this operation are available in the section “Withdrawals history”; you can check out a unique transaction number (batch number) via the search bar on the website.
How long will my deposit work?
Your deposit will generate profit forever, every hour - it will continue to bring you profit every hour until the company exists. It is the best solution for novice investors, as well as online entrepreneurs with many years of work and experience of the investment.
What payment wallet do you support?
We accept deposits through BITCOIN, LITECOIN, DOGECOIN, TRX, USDT, PAYEER & FAUCET PAY. If you need more, please suggest it to us.
Do you offer automatic reinvestment of profits?
No, compounding function is not available, but you can make an additional deposit.
How to earn more with Doge Free Mining?
Use partnership tools - a unique link and banners. Your referrals are guaranteed to bring you additional 12% of the amount of their deposits.
Is it possible to increase my partnership commission?
In order to increase the commission to 20%, you can get the status of the official representative of Doge Free Mining in your country.
How to become a representative?
To receive the status, you must have a permanent deposit of not less than $100 and fill out the application form in your account.
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